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Rhythmic Timber Louvres Line Namly View House In Singapore

Wallflower Architecture

Posted by Brule Ami on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 07:00:49

Description by Wallflower Architecture + Design. This house sits on high ground, and the rear of the site has wonderful views overlooking the greener and more affluent residential addresses in Singapore. Our client's brief was to design a home of two stories, with an attic, and importantly a roof terrace facing the rear and overlooking the valley.

Sunny Side House was designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design, covers an area of 367 and is located in Serangoon, Singapore Built by Wallflower Architecture + Design in, Singapore with date Images by Marc Tey. The site would not appeal to most local homebuyer as it immediately ticks several negative boxes for what are deemed.

The house deploys a multi-layered façade of operable glass doors and windows, a veil of operable vertical timber louvers punctuated by clear glass bay windows, horizontal aluminium sunscreen and

The Far Sight House shows Wallflower Architecture and Design overcome several challenges to produce an appealing family home in the bustling Southeast Asian city state of Singapore.

The Secret Garden House, designed by Singapore based Wallflower Architecture + Design, is situated in the good class bungalow area of Bukit Timah. The owner's brief was to have a luxurious, tropical, contemporary fami

Established in 1999, Wallflower Pte Ltd & Wallflower Architecture + Design have undertaken a wide spectrum of work, ranging from commercial and residential projects and have received numerous awards for excellence in design, having been also widely featured in local and international publications.