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Rhythmic Timber Louvres Line Namly View House In Singapore

Wallflower Architecture

Posted by Breton Alexis on Friday, 6 December, 2019 08:58:27

The Water-Cooled House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design. Architects: Wallflower Architecture + Design Location: Bukit Timah, Singapore Year: 2010 Photo courtesy: Wallflower Architecture + Design Description: Concealed far from the street, the site is encompassed by a verdant screen of full grown trees from adjoining properties.

About Wallflower Architecture + Design The essence of design distills virtue out of necessity. It is Wallflower's philosophy that each project has its unique needs and qualities from which innovative and fresh solutions are revealed.

It was designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design whose Six Ramsgate Residence and The Travertine Dream House projects have already been featured on our site. As its name suggests, the Secret Garden House is full of elegant surprises, having a protected garden and a beautiful swimming pool placed in a deeper plot of land in the courtyard.

The Singapore architecture office Wallflower Architecture + Design was tasked to create a modern home that will revolve around functional design while also featuring as many green areas as possible while using travertine as the primary material which the client was captivated by during his trip in Italy. This resulted in the four story Travertine Dream House which is located in Serangoon, Singapore.

Description by Wallflower Architecture + Design The site would not appeal to most local homebuyer as it immediately ticks several negative boxes for what are deemed liabilities in a residential semi-detached plot. It is long and narrow, with both the long side and front facing the western afternoon sun.

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