Victorian House Ideas

Classic Victorian House Gets A Modern Extension Inspired

Victorian House Ideas

Posted by Brevard Alfred on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 03:55:36

Victorian colors are warm and subdued, including deep brown, teal, plum, gold, burgundy, and "dusty" hues. Traditionally, blue, green, and gray were used in Victorian living rooms to mask the soot and other stains from fireplaces and coal dust.

When you look at a house built during the Victorian era, you might see pediments which are characteristic of Greek Revival or balustrades echoing a Beaux Arts style. You may see dormer windows and other Colonial Revival details. You may also see medieval ideas such as Gothic windows and exposed trusses.

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Victorian furniture and architecture style was very popular in the second half of the nineteenth century. For it is commonly used mahogany, walnut, rose wood, dark colors, accented with floral carvings. Common elements of this style are oval backs of the chairs, the top plate of marble tables and bedside tables.

Let's look at examples of a perfect mixture that helps create a modern Victorian interior: Pair an ancient wood table with ultra-modern chairs, such as clear acrylic or steel chairs. Reupholster an old Victorian-style sofa with modern chevron fabric. Or reupholster a very modern chair in a Victorian-style fabric such as damask, floral or tapestry.

In an old Rhode Island Victorian house, interior designer Juniper Tedhams discovered that the key to modernizing the space was in a muted palette. In this Rhode Island dining room, designer