Stone Chimney Design

Birdhouse with stones covering front side and chimney

Stone Chimney Design

Posted by Buche Angela on Tuesday, 14 January, 2020 03:54:17

Cultured rock runs top to bottom, accenting the height of the vaulted ceiling. If you plan to extend the stone fireplace facade clear to the ceiling, as shown, consider using cultured stone; this manufactured material is much lighter in weight and easier to install than natural stone.

Collect this idea Are you having problems coming up with design ideas for your fireplace? If you are looking to allure nature indoors, installing a stone fireplace could be a step in the right direction. For today we gathered 30 ideas that can help you bring warmth into your crib, the elegant way.

Natural stone fireplace surrounds remain one of the most popular styles of design for all styles of home. Because stone veneers can come in so many colors, shapes, and styles, it's possible to find a design that will complement any architecture, interior design, or room of the home.

There's nothing like snuggling up in a blanket next to a toasty fireplace in the cooler months. See these gorgeous fireplaces and consider taking your own design to the next level. Pass the hot cocoa, please. Search. Styled with Stone Design by Anne Decker Architects. 17 of

Stone fireplaces are usually rustic but they can also be a part of contemporary interior designs. This modern living room feature a fireplace with a simple and chic design.

Three clay flue pots crown this stone chimney, adding a decorative touch and probably serving a practical purpose as well. When chimneys don't draw properly, it's sometimes because they are too short or too wide at the top. Adding chimney pots may keep smoke from wafting through the house because the pots add to the height and narrow the opening.