Rustic Rock Fireplace

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Rustic Rock Fireplace

Posted by Brian Alisanne on Friday, 24 January, 2020 03:53:37

A stone fireplace tends to have a more rustic look and it brings out the coziness in a room. The choice of natural materials makes it stand out as an eye-catching feature. Usually, stone fireplaces don't match a highly modern or a contemporary space. They are more suitable for rustic-looking homes.

Rustic Fireplaces Written and photographed by Ralph Kylloe Fireplaces have become elaborate works of art in rustic home design. From stone and rocks to elaborately carved wood and antlers to a variety of metals and wrought iron

Rustic Rock vent-free fireplaces are an all in one package featuring full-sized vent-free fireplaces with integrated low profile logset, ember burner and hidden control system. All Rustic Rocks are circulating "Flush Faced" models and include a thermostatic blower. They include circulating flush face panels and louver panels.

The rustic stone fireplace designs featured here are the focal points of a treasure-trove of Adirondack retreats. Located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountain region of Upstate New York, these extraordinary examples span a period of more than a century.

Rustic Rock vent free fireplaces are an all in one package featuring full-sized vent free fireplaces with integrated low profile log set and hidden control system. Our standard offering includes clean faced models, features include heat deflection hood, hidden screen pockets, stainless flex gas connector, and are all pre-wired for accessories using FMI's convenient, dual access electrical J-box.

Discover traditional style with the top 70 best stone fireplace design ideas. Explore rustic rock wall interiors with the glow of a wood fired flame.