Homeowners Insurance Missouri

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Homeowners Insurance Missouri

Posted by Brissette Amabelle on Thursday, 4 June, 2020 17:08:59

Homeowners insurance premiums in Missouri are above average compared to other US states. The average cost of home insurance in the state of Missouri was $1,253. That's a bit higher than the national average of $1,173. There are 16 states with higher average homeowners insurance premiums than Missouri.

Over the years, Missouri homeowners have experienced severe thunderstorms, deadly tornadoes, flooding, and even the occasional earthquake. Home insurance can help offset the costs of repairing your home in the event of such unforeseen disasters, be they weather-related or not.

The company is a popular choice for Missouri homeowners because it emphasizes recognition of the community. AmFam allows customers to easily customize their homeowners insurance policy by offering additional options for home offices, day cares and studios, as well as sewer backup coverage and identity theft protection.

The Missouri Property Insurance Placement Facility, also known as the FAIR Plan, was established in October 1969 for the purpose of making property insurance available to applicants who have not been able to secure such insurance on insurable property through the normal insurance market.

Homeowners Insurance. Most Missouri consumers know that homeowners insurance covers the house they live in — the structure itself. But it also covers most of your possessions, including electronics, furniture and clothing. And it covers them even while they're somewhere else for a short time — like the trunk of your car.

All coverages are underwritten by Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company with the exception of personal automobile coverage in the state of Texas, which is offered by Acuity TX MGA, Inc. and underwritten by Home State County Mutual Insurance Company. Home State County Mutual Insurance Company is not an affiliate of any Acuity company.