Garage To Apartment

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Garage To Apartment

Posted by Braud Afrodille on Friday, 6 December, 2019 16:11:52

Converting a garage into an apartment can be a great way to do that. In this post, I'll share my story how converting a garage into an apartment nearly doubled by income for one of my properties, and I'll also share a few tips to keep in mind before starting a project like this. Make sure it's legal

The Garage with Apartment Space has two large ten-foot dormers to create plenty of space and plenty of light in this Man Cave in Philadelphia. This Prefab Garage could also serve as a Guest House to run a BandB or a Granny Pod for Grandma or Grandpa in the final years.

10. And then, a bonus garage conversion! Karin Montgomery Spath turned the 344 square foot space above a two-car garage into this simple, clean Scandinavian-style loft apartment. The owners lived there while their larger home was being renovated, and now use it as a guest house.

Garage Apartment Plans offer a great way to add value to your property and flexibility to your living space. Generate income by engaging a renter. Accommodate one or both of your parents without moving to a bigger home. Put up guests in style or allow your college student returning home some extra space.

Long-term guests may find the additional privacy of garage with apartment plans to be more comfortable. If your city permits, garage apartments can even be used as a rental unit. Whatever your intent, our collection of garage apartments and carriage houses features a wide variety of styles to match the architecture and exterior of your home to a tee.

A garage apartment instantly increases the value of your property. A garage to apartment conversion is also a great selling point to any potential buyers as it gives the new owners a way to recuperate some of the money, they invested in buying the house.