Frank Lloyd Wright Philosophy


Frank Lloyd Wright Philosophy

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One of FLW's most significant contributions was his understanding of space. He is known for the 'destroying the box' - that is, he changed the way interior and exterior related, so that they flowed into each other more freely. In particular, he di

Although these are not all of the principles of Wright's organic architecture, they outline his general philosophy. Organic design aims to include them, but not even Frank Lloyd Wright achieved them totally in each of his buildings. As Wright himself wrote, "The complete goal of the ideal of organic architecture is never reached. Nor need be.

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Organic Architecture is a term that American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) used to describe his environmentally integrated approach to architectural design. The philosophy grew from the ideas of Wright's mentor, Louis Sullivan, who believed that "form follows function."Wright argued that "form and function are one."

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