Diy Teardrop Camper

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Diy Teardrop Camper

Posted by Brule Ami on Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 02:10:57

If you are reading this, You finally made the decision to become part of a unique type of camper. A proud teardrop trailer owner. Our goal here is to be as helpful as possible to all you newbies out there that want to build your own trailer and save on your pocket book at the same time.

A handful of custom workshops make more expensive, polished trailers (Timberleaf, wassup), but the DIY teardrop still holds its place in the American road trip ethos. Here's a look at 8 teardrop camper kits, plans and instructions to make your own trailer at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one or investing in a vintage model.

Teardrop trailers have gained in popularity in recent years. One of the oldest travel trailer designs, it's resurgence has come about due to its small size, light weight and ease of towing. With many people driving smaller cars today, they can't pull a full-sized travel trailer.

DIY Micro Camper Sometimes that nice curved roof can see a bit daunting. If you're not up for the challenge, here's a square trailer that would work just as well.

This project starts with a 4x8 DIY camper trailer kit and so you will only need to build the floor, top, and walls. And with this comprehensive DIY guide to help you, the constriction process should be simple for you. The Teardrop Trailer tutorial provides some step by step instructions with in-depth text descriptions of each of the stages.

Teardrop Camper Walk-Throughs. Pop up camper to teardrop conversion - while most teardrop camper builders start off with a bare trailer chassis, another idea is to use the bones from a pop up camper. Here's another example of someone who took an old pop up camper and made it into a larger DIY trailer. 11'8″ by 6'6″ teardrop - made from plywood,