Concrete Sink Vanity

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Concrete Sink Vanity

Posted by Brien Allete on Monday, 1 June, 2020 01:42:53

Sonoma Cast Stone's concrete Wave Sink received the highest honor possible at the National Kitchen and Bath Show being voted Best New Product of the Year by 40,000 kitchen and bath professionals. Perhaps because there is no shape better-suited to the guest bath or public restroom than this undulating wave.

The guest bathroom had a dated and lower cabinet vanity and under the counter sink. If we replaced the vanity, it would lead to replacing the floor also, which we did not want to do at this time. We opted to do this bathroom, one of 3, on more of a budget.

Concrete Sinks in Texas. Artistry matched with durability and functionality is possible with CustomCreteWerks concrete sinks. Concrete's rugged strength means it will hold its unique look for many years, if not decades, thanks to our proprietary N-hansedâ„¢ process used to treat each piece.

We work with artisans from around the world to handcraft inspiring kitchen and bath products from natural and sustainable materials.

One of the benefits of choosing concrete for your sink or countertop is the range of colors available. A professional concrete contractor can create custom colors to help you match or complement other materials in your bathroom, helping to tie all the elements together for one complete and remarkable bathroom vanity.

THE ERNST Concrete Vanity Vessel Sink Combo 37" x 22" Unlike naturally occurring stone, Solid State is cast in forms, which give us design options that are simply not feasible to extract from nature. Concrete is incredibly durable. Solid State Concrete Design products are made by hand, using